Human Resources Administrator

Recruitment, training, and employee relations are all areas in which the human resources administrator is expected to perform well.  They must also be equipped with good communication skills, so as to handle employee related matters in a competent manner.

Human resource administration involves the management of an organization’s human capital. In today’s very competitive business environment, the ability to manage staff must be a key component of a company’s overall business plan.  Without this ability, a company will not be able to achieve and maintain profitability.

Good people management skills are important for every member of the HR department, and the human resources administrator is no exception.  Managing people well, centers on the ability to connect with staff, and motivate them to perform at optimum levels.

The human resources administrator is generally the first line of approach when an employee needs clarification on company policies and procedures.  This requires that they be knowledgeable about these policies, and can also offer a good explanation of them to the employee.

The human resources administrator must also possess excellent organizational and administrative skills. They have a key role to play in forging a link between the executives of the company, and the employees.  In this regard, they are expected to have good communication skills, which will enable them to communicate strategic policies clearly and effectively.

Some of the duties generally performed by the human resources administrator include:

  • Responding to queries from staff about benefits, as well as company policies and procedures.
  • Performing transactional activities, such as preparing offer letters and employment contracts.
  • Assisting with the recruitment of employees.  They are generally responsible for providing background screenings, and reference checks for new recruits.
  • Payroll organization and distribution.


The range of responsibilities of the human resources administrator also requires an ability to organize tasks.  This skill plays a vital role in them being able to perform the job well.  Their role as a record keeper requires that the information they are responsible for, is accurate and current at all times.  It must therefore be available and up-to-date when needed.

Depending on the size of the organization, the human resources administrator may be expected to perform other functions such as that of a labor relation specialist.

The human resources administrator must be skilled in the area of interpersonal relations.  They are expected to relate well to employees, in order to respond to queries, and deal with any concerns they may have.  It is also necessary for them to be able to communicate well with the management team.

The human resources administrator must also be fully aware of the strategic goals and objectives of the organization, so that they can communicate these to staff members.  In order to do this effectively, they must be able to relate well with staff at all levels of the business. This also requires them to be good team players.

Written communication skills are also important, as the human resources administrator is also responsible for preparing written communications.  Good business writing is therefore an asset.